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DWX Series
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With the advanced requirement of miniaturization
and high frequency technology of coil production,
the DWX tester is designed to test other coils and
low inductance coils used in high-end electronic
Through the use of impulse power source with
high-speed switch, highly efficient input circuit,
and high-speed A / D sampling circuit, the DWX
tester can offer a new solution to the low
inductance coil tests.
Sampling Speed ​​/ Memory
. 8bit/10nano-sec (100MHz) / 8192 - Byte
Sampling Range (WIDTH)
-4, -3, -2, -1,0,1,2,3,4,5
10 Ranges (Width 0 to 5 IS the Range Compatible with the DW Series)
Input Test Circuit
Resistive Voltage Divider (5MΩ)
Screen Display Resolution
 Waveform Display Range
640 x 480 Dots (VGA), 8.4 "TFT Color LCD, 4 Color Display
512 x 256 Dots
Detection Mode
Master Waveform Comparison
Detection by Area Size Comparison, Differential Area Comparison
and Corona Discharge
Master Waveform / Memory
Internal Memory: 196 Types (Types 14 per Page, 14 Pages)
700-Types by Compact Flash Memory (14 Types/50 Pages)
External Interface
Parallel I / O (Start, Reset, OK, NG, Busy, Master Numbers, etc.)
RS-232C (Test Control, Test Data, etc.)
Printer Port (Screen Hard Copy)
Ethernet Adapter (Option)
A Tester Cable (1.5m), A Power Cable (With 3-Way Adaptor)
A Compact Flash Memory, A Parallel I / O Connector
An Instruction Manual and Inspection Record
Environmental Conditions
C ~ 40
C, Voltage Upon Your Request: 100V ~ 240V ± 10%
(Excluding the Handle)
345 (W) × 185 (H) × 370 (D)
Approx 10Kg
345 (W) × 325 (H) × 370 (D)